Argo Yachting appointed Authorised Dealers for the CLEARLINE® System

Argo Yachting has been appointed an ElectroSea authorised dealer in the UK, Southern Spain and Mallorca for the CLEARLINE system by ElectroSea, Experts in Marine Growth Prevention systems®.

CLEARLINE is now installed on over 65 leading boat brands, making ElectroSea a leader in the marine market. For motor yacht owners, there simply isn’t a better alternative to maintaining your raw water lines and keeping strainers clean longer. By preventing barnacles, biofilm, algae and marine growth in these key areas, the CLEARLINE System ensures the time you used to spend descaling can be put to better use!

Both sea water lines and strainers become clogged with unwanted marine growth over time, with the need to clean and descale taking up valuable time on board. CLEARLINE’s innovative technology has been developed by ElectroSea’s own team of talented engineers, who sought to solve their marine growth issues on board their own boats. Following years of testing and refinement, ensuring CLEARLINE delivers on all aspects of marine growth prevention, the system has been installed on vessels ranging from centre consoles to superyachts.

ElectroSea offers five CLEARLINE models, depending on the yacht’s sea water flow rates. And, once installed, your air-conditioners, chillers and fridges will receive a continuous supply of sea water – your strainers will stay clean longer, meaning your guests remain comfortable and cool, and you have your quality time replenished.


The Argo Yachting service teams in the UK, Southern Spain and Mallorca can advise owners on the most suitable CLEARLINE model and install the system on board their boat. Richard Clarke, Aftersales Business Development Manager for Argo Yachting said, “We are incredibly proud to be appointed as an authorised dealer for ElectroSea’s range of CLEARLINE Systems. The great thing about this technology is that it’s available to absolutely anyone who owns a boat, no matter the size. They’re very easy to install and the result of the system speaks for itself.”

“ElectroSea is widely recognised as the experts in Marine Growth Prevention Systems – those owners who have a CLEARLINE System fitted on their boat have agreed that it has changed the way they boat; minimalizing the need to descale or clean, and giving them more time to simply enjoy boating. Our reputable retrofit network of offices within Europe can offer expert guidance to owners as well as installation.”

Daniel Cosentino, President and CEO at ElectroSea, said “ElectroSea is impressed with Argo Yachting’s commitment to serving customers with the highest integrity and exceptional aftercare support. We are thrilled to join forces to provide more yacht owners with CLEARLINE protection around the world”.

Prices for the ElectroSea CLEARLINE System start from £3,950 plus VAT, with a variety of models available dependent on the boat’s sea water intake demand.

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