Argo Yachting appointed European Distributor for Siren Marine

argo yachting has secured the distribution rights for siren marina, leader in connected boat technology in europe following an agreement with the leading us smart boat technology specialist.


The Siren Marine system now gives owners the ability to monitor their boat from virtually anywhere, at any time and give them significant peace of mind.

Siren Marine’s award-winning remote monitoring system is easy to install and offers owners a competitive and reliable way of detecting issues early. It works by using remote sensors, which are connected within the boat to communicate over a network governed by Siren Marine’s new Pro 3 system. The sensors can be either wired or wireless to monitor systems such as bilge pumps, high-water alarms, state of battery charge, temperature and engine to ensure the systems are functioning properly. The collected data is then relayed to a cloud-based service.

By tracking the boat’s GPS position, the Siren Marine system sets geofences so if the boat moves outside a user-designated area, an alert is sent to your phone, telling you if your boat is being moved without permission. The system also uniquely allows you to control other onboard systems such as lighting and air-conditioning while making sure your boat is secure by connecting to entry alarms and motion sensors. These capabilities make Siren Marine’s system very popular with charter operators too, who can keep an eye on an entire fleet at all times with the Siren Marine Fleet tracking app.

The Siren Marine technology can be fitted on any boat of any size, sailing or motor yacht, and can be installed directly by the owner. Once installed, the app can be downloaded and a service subscription plan is chosen, available monthly, seasonally or annually.

Richard Clarke, Aftersales Business Development Manager for Argo Yachting said, “Siren Marine is widely recognised as one of the leading developers of connected boat technology and we are delighted to be representing them in Europe. The technology is available to anyone that owns a boat and is very easy to install and operate.”

“Siren Marine is a perfect fit for Argo Yachting, an experiences and trusted company with a loyal customer base. Our reputable retrofit network of offices within Europe can offer expert advice on installing the Siren Marine technology and guide customers in making the correct purchase for their boat.”

Siren Marine COO, Jeffrey Poole also commented on the partnership, “Now that we’ve partnered with Argo Yachting, we are primed to build strong sales with dealers, boat builders and boaters across the UK and the European continent. Industry adoption and consumer interest in Connected Boat technology has never been higher.”

Prices for the Siren Marine Pro 3 start from £600 ex VAT and the annual service subscription fee is $180. For more information, contact our team by emailing

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