Yachting Destination: Discover Largs and Western Scotland

8th June 2021

When yachting in Scotland, you can enjoy a reliable, albeit cooler climate year-round, with a mixture of warm air from the Atlantic and cool air from the north. And the western coastal areas of Scotland are considered the warmest. The best time to visit is from late spring through to mid-autumn; the temperatures will be considerably warmer, the days will be longer, however the snow will still remain on the very tips of the surrounding mountains of the Highlands and Cairngorms. Venture to the northern isles of Scotland, and you can even witness the 24-hour sun during the longest day of the year or solstice in mid-June.


Lying on the Firth of Clyde, Largs is a charming coastal
town with a modern marina, excellent choice of bars and
restaurants, and nearby 5-star hotels, golf and spa resorts.
It is considered to be a hidden gem in the west of Scotland,
and from here you can explore neighbouring regions and
islands. Discover the highlands on foot, or rent a car and drive
Scotland’s famed ‘Route-66’. There is a great deal to
see on land as there is at sea.

Although Largs is a coastal resort town, it is mostly quiet. When yachting here in Scotland, you will truly be able to escape the strains of day-to-day life and the buzz of more popular destinations. The town’s history dates back to 1263; it was the site of the Battle of Largs, fought between the Vikings and Scots. Today, it is still celebrated for its Viking heritage at the annual Viking festival, ‘Vikingar!’, complete with battle re-enactments and living history displays, culminating in a grand Viking galley burning and firework display.

Largs Scotland

Isle of Bute

Beautiful Bute is one of the most accessible islands for yachting in Scotland. Rothesay, the local town, is an art-deco style resort with a stunning Victorian promenade lined with palm trees. The island enjoys a backdrop of lush, fertile and rolling hills and extraordinary varied landscape, which could easily be at home within a Norwegian archipelago. From the dramatic hilltops to the heather-covered moorlands of the north and the beautiful sandy beaches on the coastline, the island is a haven for walking, cycling, fishing and wildlife.

Western Isles of Scotland

A little way from Largs lies the twin islands of The Cumbraes: Great Cumbrae and Little Cumbrae. The Isle of Cumbrae, or ‘Great Cumbrae’, is the largest at four miles long and two miles wide. The only settlement here is Millport, a seaside town with a Victorian promenade and nearby natural walks. The waters surrounding Cumbrae are known for their wildlife. Its shoreline is home to a resident population of seals, whilst the North Sea brings a wide variety of seabirds and marine life. If you’re lucky, you could witness basking sharks or even whales circling the islands during warmer months. Whilst on the water, you will see a handful of uninhabited islets surrounding the Firth of Clyde, ideal for resting upon as you kayak or paddleboard the area.

Isle of Skye

Known for its rugged landscapes, picturesque fishing villages
and medieval castles, the Isle of Skye is a perfect spot for
yachters. It is the largest island within the Inner Hebrides
archipelago, with an extended coastline of peninsulas and narrow lochs to discover. The town of Portree is a fantastic base from which to explore the island – here you can also find harbourside pubs, restaurants and boutique shops. Drop anchor in one of the island’s many bays and simply sit back and enjoy the outstanding scenery surrounding you. On a clear night, you can enjoy some of the best stargazing Scotland has to offer, whilst the famed Northern Lights has also been known to make an appearance.

Western Scotland is dotted with a variety of islands, some uninhabited and most enjoying beautiful bays and serene yet dramatic landscape. Even after a two-week-long vacation here, you’ll still find yourself with plenty left on the ‘to see and do’ list. The natural beauty at this northern point of Britain is
endless, and you’re sure to find something new and unexplored
each time you visit.

Isle of Skye

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