Water Filtration Systems
by Halyard

Argo Yachting is pleased to supply the complete range of market-leading water filtration systems by Halyard, including fresh water, grey and bilge water systems. They are easy to install, long-lasting and durable, making the range the perfect solution to your onboard water requirements, whatever they may be.

We also provide the Halyard range of exhaust solutions, including those that provide noise reduction and anti-vibration. The Halyard range of products has been designed and engineered to suit all boat owners, of any size boat. Plus, our Argo Yachting service teams in the UK and Mallorca can assist in advising the best system for you, and fit it on board your yacht.

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Wave products have market leading flow rates and filtration performance packaged in durable and easily installed housings. Products are supplied with a range of marine classification society and industry approvals. Research and development is a key part of the Wave business. Wave’s mission is to produce new, innovative and environmental products for the marine and offshore sectors.

To find out more click below to visit the Halyard website, or contact our team for advice.

  • Waveshine exterior wash and rinse anti-spotting system
  • Flostream drinking water filter system
  • Wavebrite grey water filter system
  • Wavestream bilge water filter system
Water filtration