How to sell my yacht and understand its selling potential

A question we hear a lot when it comes to brokerage is ‘how do i sell my yacht?’. We know that a yacht isn’t always for life, and sometimes our requirements and wants can change – that is why we’re here as a trusted yacht brokerage service to help you to realise your yacht’s true selling potential.

Where do I begin?

If you’re thinking about selling your yacht, the starting point should be researching other yachts of a similar manufacturer, size and age to yours, to see what they’re selling for. This will set your expectations to a degree – an expert yacht valuation will help you to understand the actual worth of your yacht and what you can realistically expect when it comes to a sale. This is where Argo Yachting comes into the equation.

Our helpful and friendly team can assist you in a trustworthy valuation you can rely on – with industry knowledge backed by over 50 years of experience, we’re able to base your valuation on our knowledge of the current market, recent selling prices of similar craft, plus the current asking prices we’re seeing.

Who will see my listing?

When you’ve decided to list with Argo Yachting, a multi-step procedure will take place to ensure you get the most from your listing. Firstly, we’ll carry out an inspection of the craft, where we will confirm it is safe, secure and ready to be sold – at this point, we may recommend service work or preparations which could assist a quicker sale. Our in-house professional photographer will then visit your yacht to capture industry-level photographs, video and a 3D tour – so customers can experience your yacht from the comfort of their home. A detailed specification will also accompany your listing, completed by our experienced administrators in house.

Here at Argo Yachting, we have exclusive access to a number of successful marketing channels in which to showcase your yacht listing – we advertise in UK and European marine press including Motorboat & Yachting, Boote magazine and more. Your listing will also be viewed on our website, across our social media channels, and on dedicated marine search engines such as Yachtworld and Boatshop24. We also have offices located across the UK and Europe, where your listing will be on display, as well as numerous international boat shows. So, we have plenty of avenues to explore when it comes to selling your yacht.

If you’ve ever asked yourself, ‘how do I sell my yacht?’, perhaps this is a good way to begin that journey. Whether you’re venturing into a different hobby, or looking for an upgrade – Argo Yachting can help you to sell your yacht stress-free.