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18 January 2021

The first ever virtual Motorboat Awards, hosted by MBY, are due to take place on Facebook, YouTube and on on 19th January 2021 from 5pm GMT.


For the first time and due to current circumstances, the MBY motorboat of the year awards will be held online! This will give yachting brands, their customers and members of the public to join together for the first time online to celebrate a year of yachting, albeit the strange year we have all experienced. This January, the motorboat awards 2021 will be hosted by Jack and Hugo from MBY and there will be seven yachting categories as well as a customer service award.

Argo Yachting are pleased to announce that the Saxdor 200 Sport has been nominated under the ‘sportsboats’ category. MBY said, ‘The Saxdor 200 Sport caught our attention with its bold looks and scarcely believable starting price of £22,158 (inc 100hp engine)’.

With the new Saxdor 320 GTO just around the corner, we can’t argue that the first model, the Saxdor 200 Sport, is impressive. She’s packed with adrenaline-fuelling energy, incredible performance and an affordable price tag. Argo Yachting are the official distributors for Saxdor Yachts in the Balearic Islands, Southern Spain and Northern Germany.