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28 November 2022

The best of international motor boating and high fashion come together in the latest version of the Pardo 50, with interior design enhanced by iconic Missoni fabrics. Two pioneering brands ‘Made in Italy’; the historic Milanese maison founded by Ottavio Missoni in 1953 and Cantiere del Pardo – the shipyard with artisanal and industrial roots dating back to 1973.  Iconic and timeless design, high-quality materials and the allure of contemporary luxury perfectly complement the first Pardo 50 customised by Missoni.  This exquisite yacht is en route to its owner in Miami, USA.  Heigo Paartalu, brand ambassador of Pardo Yachts, explains the creative process behind the realization of such a unique project in the world of boating.

Why did you choose Missoni for this project and where did you draw inspiration from?

“We were lucky enough to commission three Pardo Yachts. Over the years, each “PEGASUS” has become the pinnacle of Pardo 50’s customisation, but raising the bar is always a fun challenge, forcing us to look beyond the common accessories available in the datasheets for customisation. Every time we go out to sea, I notice how my wife gets ready for the day out, matching her clothes with the colours of the boat. The yacht almost becomes her own high fashion catwalk. Boating has always been a man’s world and, this time, I wanted it to become a hymn to beauty, going beyond the abundance of custom accessories (which this boat already features). I asked my wife which fashion brand she wanted to collaborate with for our next Pegasus. The answer was immediate: “Missoni”. It’s no surprise as her wardrobe is packed with Missoni’s famous zigzag patterns. It immediately made sense to bring together these two iconic Italian brands with huge worldwide reputation.”

What was the creative process and how did you work with Missoni to realise it?

“With the precious help of interior designer Cristina Pizzuto, who made the union between Pardo Yachts and Missoni possible, we were introduced to Missoni’s headquarters in Milan. There, we were able to browse and choose patterns and materials for our boat: an incredible experience with the purpose of creating something worthy of Haute Couture. Sitting in Missoni’s studio and feeling like Anna Wintour, I realised how these two leading Italian brands would be an amazing match. Despite coming from such different industries, they would create more than just a boat: a real icon of fashion and style on the water.”

Cristina, what are your thoughts now that the project has been completed?

Partnering with Missoni for this project was the request of a visionary customer in search of something unique and exclusive. The elegant, clean lines of Pardo are broken by the movement of the iconic, colourful Missoni pattern creating a perfectly balanced combination. Two Italian brands synonymous with excellence with different styles but perfectly compatible.”

How do you feel now that Pardo 50 Missoni has finally been presented to the public?

Cristina: “I believe PEGASUS 3.0 represents the perfect combination of modernity, taste, functionality and durability, not only for the quality of the materials used, but for the timelessness of its style as well. These boats often reflect the essence of their owners and are kept for years if not decades.”

Heigo: “Seeing the realisation of PEGASUS 3.0 at Cantiere del Pardo in Italy was pure magic. What began as a bunch of ideas in the design document slowly became reality through small coloured fabric samples pieced together and assembled by the team of highly qualified manufacturers. Whenever we commission a new Pardo Yacht “PEGASUS”, we never know what impact it will have on the industry and on the public. Hearing from so many people around the world how this boat inspired them to choose a Pardo Yacht is incredible and motivates us to go further and further. We are extremely grateful to all those who made this project possible: thanks to Cantiere del Pardo for allowing us to go beyond the common standards and to the whole team for turning the Pardo 50 Missoni into reality. Special thanks to Missoni for embarking on this adventure with us, bringing fashion to every bay and marina in Miami”.

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