Our Guide: How to sell a yacht

Discover our expert guide on how to sell a yacht. If you’re thinking of selling, there’s a few options available to you when selling with Argo Yachting, giving you the best opportunity to sell in the fastest time.

Our experts have the market knowledge and experience to guide you down the right path, and ensure your yacht reaches its true selling potential. And, if you’re looking to part exchange for a newer or larger model, we can help with that too. Our network across the UK and Europe gives us fantastic visibility of the market, meaning your dream boat could be within grasp.

Discover our listings options below.

How to sell a yacht

Direct listing

Cash buy – Quick sale, cash in hand

  • For those looking to sell in the fastest time should consider selling their yacht to us directly as a cash purchase.
  • No need to wait, we take your yacht into stock and purchase it from you.
  • The price we pay is based on current market trends, valuations and your yacht’s specification and condition.
  • You can spend the time instead to search for your next yacht.
Part Exchange


Sell and buy in one go

  • If you’ve seen a listing on our website which ticks all the boxes for your next yacht, there’s no need to wait around.
  • You can sell your yacht to us as a part exchange against any of our direct or brokerage listings.
  • Our smooth part exchange process ensures an end-to-end service for each and every customer.

Yacht brokerage

Maximum return

  • Coverage in UK and German print and digital marketing including MBY, Boote and YachtWorld.
  • Receive maximum exposure with 3D tours, professional photography, video, social media and free premium placements.
  • We still intend to sell your yacht quickly, however you can use the time to ensure you have your next yacht ready.
  • We can accept a part exchange against your yacht, giving it more potential to sell.
  • You could receive a potentially high return on your sale.
how to sell a yacht

Plus, our unique buyer package will also help sell your yacht and add value:

  • Access to Argo Yachting finance and insurance products
  • Free technical orientation regardless of yacht location
  • Extended service packs available
  • End to end service throughout ownership with access to aftercare and retrofit
  • We can underwrite a part exchange against your yacht

What's next?

So now you know how to sell a yacht, the next step is to discover which avenue is right for you. That’s where our expert team of brokers come in – they can advise on the best next steps in selling your yacht.

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