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Radinn Jet Boards

The number one electric jet board on the market.

From the fjords of Norway to the coast of Southern Spain, Radinn jetboards are versatile and suitable to any weather. You can immerse yourself in the elements and enjoy the nature surrounding you, in any conditions and with the promise of instant happiness.

The only way to understand the instant adrenaline rush is when you experience a jetboard for the first time, and every time after! Once you’ve found your balance, which doesn’t take long, you experience how the jetboard becomes connected and moves with you. Accelerating and pushing the board to its limits, you can truly discover the water with ease.

Interest is buying your very own Radinn Jetboard? Email us at radinn@argoyachting.com for more information and available models.

Once you’ve chosen your board, you can level up your performance with upgrades at any given time. The Radinn PRO software increases top speed and acceleration significantly, creating an exciting ride! You can use the Radinn App to control the power levels depending on your skill and style.

Rethink exploring with your Radinn jetboard – upgrade your battery life to give you that extra ride time to go further than before. Push the limits with the Long Range upgrade, or go far beyond the normal excursions with the Extended Range option. The possibilities are endless.


  • Easy to learn and expand your skill level

  • Great agility for weights

  • Perfect all-round board for all water conditions

  • A design theme inspired by the urban landscapes of Berlin

  • Top speed 56KM/H, Range 45 mins

From £9,665


  • Performance and carve

  • For advanced riders

  • Highly agile and light Top speed 52KM/H, Range 45 mins

From £9,665

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