Saxdor 200 display at Puerto Portals, Mallorca

Throughout July 2021 and into August, our team in Puerto Portals will display two Saxdor 200 Yachts at an area in the marina. The two boats will be opposite the famous restaurant, Wellies, known for their delicious burgers!

Saxdor 200 Yachts, Puerto Portals

Saxdor 200 sunset

Argo Yachting is the official distributor for Saxdor Yachts across the Balearic Islands, and in Northern Germany and Southern Spain. We welcomed the Saxdor 200 yacht to the island of Mallorca in 2020, and gradually the interest and awareness of this new and exciting brand has grown. Now, with the Saxdor 320 GTC on the way, and the 320 GTO already proving popular, we look forward to propelling this brand further.

Here in Puerto Portals, we have the ideal climate and coastline to explore upon your Saxdor yacht. At a trailable size, the Saxdor 200 is perfect for those days out on the water – relaxing in secret coves, or enjoying watersports in the open blue.

The Sunset Market

The two Saxdor 200 yachts will be displayed close to the Sunset Market, which takes place every Wednesday and Thursday until mid-August in Portals. The Sunset Market opens on the 1st of July, taking place throughout the summer, offering visitors a relaxed Mediterranean-style atmosphere. The seventh edition of this traditional summer market will be held every Wednesday and Thursday until the 19th of August from 6 p.m. to midnight, an irreplaceable date with the sea breeze and the swaying of the boats where you can lose yourself among the more than twenty design, fashion, accessories and decoration stalls in the exclusive setting of Puerto Portals.

Come and meet our Saxdor team

Members of the Saxdor team will be with the boats every Tuesday and Thursday evening for the next two weeks. We will have cool refreshments available for customers, and will be able to provide more information regarding the Saxdor 200 yachts or answer any questions you may have. You don’t need to pre-book, our team will be there from 5pm – 8pm to welcome you.