Saxdor 200 wins European Powerboat of the year 2021

Saxdor Yachts are delighted and honoured to be named as the winner of the European Powerboat of the year 2021 award, receiving not one but two wins!

The Saxdor 200 Sport, the first model to be released by Saxdor Yachts, has been awarded two awards as the European Powerboat of the year. This external recognition of this new brand is truly remarkable, and highlights the hard work that goes into manufacturing and distributing Saxdor yachts.

European Powerboat of the year award

The ethos surrounding Saxdor and their range of powerboats is simple – to create a thrill on the water, the comfort and safety of a boat whilst being completely affordable. The Saxdor 200 Sport starts at just €32,114 with finance options available. Saxdor has created a new era in yachting for all customers, introducing a range of personal watercraft which combines the convenience and excitement of a jet ski or small tender, with the safety and lifestyle of a compact boat.

With their simple but stunning design, impressive power and production speed, it’s no wonder that Saxdor Yachts has been awarded for the Saxdor 200, at the European Powerboat of the year awards. See the Saxdor 200 here.

The Saxdor 200 Sport, followed shortly by the all-new Saxdor 320 GTO, is available now in Northern Germany, Southern Spain and the Balearic Islands. Click here to view the Saxdor Range.