Siren Marine: Boat Monitoring for the 21st Century

Siren Marine provides boaters with complete peace of mind through real-time data and alerts, so you know when your boat is safe and secure – and when it’s not. Remote boat monitoring means you spend less time worrying about your boat and more time enjoying it.

The enhanced smart boat technology that powers the new Siren 3 Pro unit will provide owners with improved visibility of their yacht, including GPS tracking and the ability to monitor critical systems and events on board. We spoke to Noel Pollard, owner of a Princess V48 berthed in Sutton Marina, Plymouth, to find out more about Siren Marine and how it has advanced his yacht ownership.

“We bought our Siren Marine unit in 2018, as we live some 300 miles away from our berth. I was concerned that the boat was secure and that the battery charging and shore power were consistently working to maintain the batteries and fridges plus other electrics on board. I also needed to ensure that the bilges were not filling with water,” Noel explains. Siren Marine’s easy-to-use app allows you to remotely monitor these critical levels and more from the comfort of your home. As Noel says, your boat could be berthed over 300 miles away and you will still be able to keep an eye on it to ensure it is being kept in the best possible condition ready for your next trip.

Your local Princess Motor Yacht Sales Individual team, either in the UK or across our European destinations, can install the Siren Marine unit on your boat, and set you up on the app. Noel did just this, “The installation was completed by the Princess team in Plymouth. Actually, it took less than a day to do, and installing and loading the app with the parameters I required was really straightforward”.

Siren Marine can completely alter the way in which you boat, and can substantially better your ownership experience. With less worries and more control, you are able to simply enjoy the time you have on board knowing that everything is prepared before you arrive. The Siren Marine app and technology runs on a subscription basis, so once you’ve purchased your unit and necessary accessories, all you need to do is sign up and you’re ready to go.

Noel tells us how Siren Marine has changed the way in which he can monitor his Princess V48: “I opted to receive daily status reports on my parameters, as well as alerts if something were awry. One alert, thankfully, warned me that the batteries were gradually losing their charge, even though the charger and shore power were both on. If this hadn’t come through and not been further investigated, we would have arrived to ruined batteries.” We then asked Noel to describe the Siren Marine technology in three words, he simply said, “Peace of mind.”

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Siren Marine 3 Pro, priced at £649 ex VAT and delivery.

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