Siren Marine
Boat Monitoring for the 21st Century

Argo Yachting proudly stocks and distributes Siren Marine’s Connected Boat® technology across the UK and Europe, from our Retrofit home in Plymouth to our network of offices and dealer partners.

Siren Marine provides boaters with peace of mind through real-time data & alerts so you know when your boat is safe and secure – and when it’s not. Remote boat monitoring means you spend less time worrying about your boat and more time enjoying it.

The enhanced smart boat technology that powers the Siren 3 Pro will provide owners with improved visibility of their yacht, including GPS tracking and the ability to monitor critical systems and events on board.

If you’re a boat owner, or perhaps you’re a manager of a fleet of boats, then the Siren 3 Pro is the answer to your boat monitoring needs. Take a look at the benefits you can receive:

  • Track your boat with precision; know it’s safe
  • Save money through approved insurance discounts
  • Monitor systems and get instant, critical alerts
  • Prevent theft of your boat, electronics & gear
  • Control your boat from the palm of your hand with the Siren Marine App

If you can’t get to your boat, and you’re ready to experience the next generation in smart boat technology, give our Retrofit team a call to discuss your options. Contact us on +44 (0)1752 393311 or email

Siren 3 Pro: Next Gen Smart Boat Technology

Welcome to Siren Marine’s next gen tech – providing the ultimate smart boating experience that keeps you connected to your boat 24/7, regardless of the boat’s size, type or use.

The Siren 3 Pro provides the modern boating experience by going beyond basic marine GPS, radar & radio solutions to complement your multi-function display with Connected Boat® technology. Together with the easy-to-use Siren Marine App, you are able to take control and connect to your boat anytime, anywhere.

Siren Marine

Standard features:

  • Monitor your boat’s battery & receive alerts if voltage is low
  • Track boat’s location & receive alerts on boat movement
  • Best in class NMEA 2000 marine electronics backbone connectivity
  • Remotely control multifunction displays, lights, refrigerator & more


  • Monitor engine performance & support metrics
  • Monitor fuel/water tank levels & check level history
  • Add snap, motion & entry monitors for the ultimate boat security
  • Monitor bilge activity, including run time & daily cycles
  • Detect water and monitor water level in bilge
  • Monitor shore power connection & receive power outage alerts
  • Monitor temperature on board, engine room, fridge etc & set temperature before arrival
  • SirenSat provides smart boat location & tracking when outside of cellular range
  • Siren 3 Pro delivers improved wireless sensor connectivity

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