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13 October 2023
Argo Yachting now the official UK dealer for Galeon Yachts

Having made luxury yachts for over 40 years, Galeon Yachts have brought their own unique approach to what modern, luxury, motor yachts should be.

Designed in conjunction with innovative designers Tony Castro and Roberto Curtò, one can immediately recognise Galeon with their abundance of glass windows on the main and lower decks, where natural light bathes every inch of the interior; their traditional shapes, subtly perfected for performance and style; and their enticing outer deck areas, with most models also boasting the celebrated “Beach Mode”.

Beach Mode is a feature that turns your Galeon from impressive transport, to a social club on the water. Once anchored, the side decks open up, creating more space, a bar area and more opportunities to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

Inside, you’ll find clever uses of space throughout, with comfortable cabins and galleys, often separate from the main deck, where seating for guests and a helm socked with the latest navigation equipment.

Galeon Yachts are particularly known for the range of boats they offer. There is quite literally a Galeon for everyone, from their high-performance GTO range, to the speedier Sports Cruisers, comfortable Hardtops, spacious Flybridge range and the ever-impressive Skydeck models.

Ranging from between 30 feet and 80 feet, there is a size and model for boat owners at any stage of their nautical journey.

Those who visited out stand at Southampton Boat Show will already have been treated to the first look at our currently available Galeon Yachts in the UK.

Currently docked in Swanwick Marina, and waiting for their first owner, we have the:

For anyone interested in owning a Galeon Yacht in the UK, our UK Brand Manager Bruce Hastie is on hand from the very start, to discuss what you are looking for in a Galeon, find you the model best suited to your needs and support you at every point of your journey towards becoming a Galeon owner.

Each model comes with unique and surprising features, from quality-of-life details to rotating and changeable seating layouts.

Contact us today or visit us in Southampton, to find out why Galeon Yachts are changing the very definition of luxury yachting.