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29 May 2024
Bespoke yachting: upgrade and retrofit

Whether you invest in a day boat, a sports cruiser, a motor yacht or a superyacht, keeping your boat attuned to your tastes and primed to perform can sometimes involve upgrade and retrofit works– and that in itself can be a very satisfying process.

For instance, you might want to think about upgrading your watersports gear or your toys and tenders. You might want to revamp your yacht's interior design in line with the latest fabrics, colours and trends. If you’re the kind of boater who likes to stay abreast of developing marine technologies, you might also want to think about upgrading your security systems, your navigation suite or your audio-visual systems. Or you might want to look into upgrading your propulsion or stabilisation gear for improved pace, range or cruising comfort. 

That said, some yacht owners like to commission retrofit projects simply because they value a boat that feels more personal, unique and bespoke.  Argo Yachting understand all of these motivations and exactly how to cater for each. That’s why they have an entire department dedicated exclusively to retrofit. Whether it’s a sailing yacht or a motor yacht, and whether it involves the interior, the exterior or the engineering spaces, they work with some of the finest brands in the world to deliver perfectly executed upgrades you can be proud of.

Yacht retrofit: upgrade your toys

As your cruising regions expand, your hobbies evolve and your kids get older, you need to make sure your toys and tenders keep up. Argo Yachting works in close collaboration with Radinn jetboards, the creator of the world’s number one motorised electric surfboard. Its range of boards encompass everything from novice-friendly models to expert-level units, with plenty of upgrade features keeping you entertained as you learn. They can also help you upgrade your yacht with bespoke RIBs, tenders and personal watercraft. And if you prefer low-key watersports, they can source the perfect Seabob, stand-up paddleboard or kayak – ideal for sensitive cruising regions where towboats and jetskis are prohibited.

Yacht retrofit: stay secure

Argo’s close partnership with Siren Marine enables them to make full use of their acclaimed ‘Connected Boat’ technology. Designed to provide complete peace of mind while away from your yacht, it’s a great source of reassurance if you live remotely from your yacht’s home berth. You can control your boat via your phone thanks to Siren Marine’s intuitive app. You can track your boat’s position, monitor the onboard systems, prevent theft and get instant alerts about critical changes in status. Argo can also supply and fit CCTV monitoring systems, alarms, GPS tracking systems and secure onboard safes for your valuables.

Yacht retrofit: keep it clean

As an authorised ElectroSea dealer in the UK, Southern Spain and Mallorca, Argo Yachting can provide expert advice, installation and maintenance for the acclaimed CLEARLINE system. Designed to prevent barnacles, biofilm, algae and marine growth from clogging your raw water lines and strainers, there are five models available. That means you can enjoy the benefits of ElectroSea’s expertise, whatever size of yacht you happen to own.

Yacht retrofit: optimise your cruise

If you want to improve your yacht’s cruising convenience and comfort, there are hundreds of ways of doing so. Argo Yachting can supply and install bespoke water making systems from Sea Recovery. They can supply and install drinking water filtration, noise insulation, anti-vibration and exhaust systems from Halyard. They can create fresh upholstery inside and out, plus tailor-made biminis, sunshades, sunbeds and seating. Keep comfy with air conditioning systems and under-floor heating, as well as cutting-edge stabilisation systems from industry-leading experts like Humphree and Quick Gyro. And Argo can prep your yacht with all kinds of practical safety and security devices like life rafts, docking cameras, bow and stern thrusters and anchor upgrades, as well as multi-function displays, sonar, MET instrumentation and AIS systems. In short whatever your size of yacht, your cruising grounds and your preferred onboard activities, they have the skills and suppliers to meet your requirements.

Yacht retrofit: upgrade your entertainment

Retrofit upgrades are not just about seamanship practicalities. They’re about luxuries too. In addition to fitting bespoke audio-visual systems and integrated TVs, Argo can add elegance to your yacht with the latest smart lighting set-ups. These can include everything from underwater, accent, deck and mood lights to docking lights, remote-access lighting and cool backlit signs. If you want to put entertainment right at the heart of your yacht, they can also create a state-of-the-art galley, specifically tailored to your boat, with a whole range of high-end accessories including fridges, wine coolers, icemakers and instant-boil taps.

Yacht retrofit: fine-tune your living spaces

Have you ever thought about giving your yacht a fresh lease of life with an interior design overhaul - a new galley or en suite or simply soft furnishings? Some may like new tailor-made upholstery. Others may want to go further with new seats, sunbeds, carpets, tableware and bedding. But of course, one of the key ingredients of any effective onboard living space is clean, safe and plentiful energy. That’s why they’re so keenly geared up to revamp your yacht’s onboard electrical systems with battery upgrades, generators and inverters, as well as sophisticated monitoring equipment and additional sockets to cater for all the appliances you might need on a cruise.

Why pick Argo for your yacht upgrades?

Argo Yachting has a dedicated team of in-house engineers, carpenters, technicians and craftsmen, backed up by cutting-edge facilities in Plymouth, Southampton and Mallorca. With each project undertaken, they are able to leverage a global network of premium suppliers and to provide welcome reassurance to yacht owners, thanks to their proven servicing and support network. If you have an idea for a yacht upgrade or you want to discuss how to devise a retrofit project that brings you the best possible yachting enjoyment, there is no better place to start than Argo Yachting.


Find out more about Argo Yachting’s retrofit service online and register your interest with the dedicated team.